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kolbe Windows

Casement Windows

Opening on the side, casements offer daylight, fresh air, energy efficiency, versatility, and a vast array of options.


Opening on the bottom, awning windows combine well with many other window types and offer ventilation even in light rain.

Double Hung

Double Hungs are made up of two sash – one above the other – operating by sliding up and down. We offer colonial American style, with endless hardware, color and configuration options.

Horizontal Sliders

Up to four sash, side-by-side, these windows can be used in pass-through situations and where space is at a premium.

Direct Glaze

Made from glass set directly into a frame, Sierra Pacific Direct Glaze Windows in geometric or radius shapes are the focal point of most buildings. Available with an optional sash to match glass sightlines of other products, these windows give you the versatility to create unique designs.


Offer distinct advantages in situations demanding a unique shape, structure or operation.

kolbe Doors

Swinging Patio Door

Warmth, elegance, light and panoramic views create an indoor-outdoor living experience.

Lift and Slide

Dramatically extend living space, operate fluidly, and reveal the view through stacked or pocketed panels – and even offer 90-degree configurations.

Patio Sliding Door

Provides easy access to the outdoors, with options that provide ample daylight, along with multiple aesthetic and functional choices.

Multi-Slide Door

Stack open or pocket neatly into the wall, offering more flexibility and daylight, as well as significantly larger clear openings that provide generous views of the outdoors. Custom configurations like corners in a 90° or custom angle are also available.

Folding Door

Elegant integration with outdoor living areas, with impressive size, performance, operation, and aesthetic possibilities. Custom configurations like corners in a 90° or custom angle are also available.

Entrance Door

Create a dramatic first impression with grand sizes, imaginative shapes and styles.

Commercial Door

Accessible design features and double-wide openings for ample passage, as well as hardware for emergency exit situations, all with tailor-made style, function and durability that are critical for commercial projects.

Fiberglass Door

Enduring curbside appeal with distinctive texture, color, and glass choices, as well as panel designs that complement nearly any architectural genre.

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